Megan & Travis

     Me and Travis met on facebook.... I know, I know, it sounds funny to say, but we really did! It happened because my brother, moved to Kentucky to re-marry his wife after being apart for ten years! My brothers wife,  her brother, is married to Travis' sister! We met because Travis knew my sister-in-law and brother and also knew my sister-in-law from a long time ago.
     Honestly, I wasn't going to add him to my Facebook. I remember asking my self "Who is this Travis kid?". Until I saw his photos! WOW! was he handsome! My sister-in-law then proceeded to get his phone number, and she gave it to me. I texted him... then I called him... And we talked every moment we could since we first met because I was lived in Indiana at the time. The first night we talked was December 28th, 2010.
     We met each other for the first time in person on March 8th of 2011. That was a wonderful moment. I came to Kentucky to "visit" him, and to see my brother and sister-in-law, and nieces. I knew I didn't want to go back to Indiana, so... what we did, on March 17th... yes just 9 days later, we got married! 
     It was the best thing we both could have done, because just 2 months after, we found out we were pregnant! Travis was so good during the whole pregnancy, he would help me throw up by patting my back, and comforted me.
     Around my 28th week of being pregnant, one night laying in bed watching a football game with Travis, my belly was cramping for about and hour. We knew something wasn't right. We went to the hospital and sure enough, something wasn't right. I was already 1cm dilated! so they stopped my labor and sent me home the next day... Well sorta... I had a Dr's appointment that day that I was still supposed to go to. They did their ultrasound and told me that wanted me to come back in about 3 days for another ultrasound. I went back and my fluid and jumped up! And Chloes' stomach looked big. I was sent to a bigger hospital in Lexington KY. The did an ultrasound and told me that she may have a stomach blockage and they don't know where it was at and they I would probably deliver their when it was time because I was now considered a high risk pregnancy! So I was on bed rest after that. None that less, I still went back to the hospital for contractions 2 more times after that!
     On November 28th, I just started my 33rd week of pregnancy. As the end of the day drew near and end, I got up 3 different times, with about an hour between each time, and realized I was leaking fluid! Travis got home from work, we went to the hospital and sure enough I was leaking fluid.  Also, before i forget to mention, by this point of pregnancy because of her blockage, I had 4times the amount of fluid of a normal pregnancy
     I was then transferred to the big hospital in Lexington Ky, and or almost the whole 33rd week, i sat in the hospital. I got a round a rescue steroids ( I had one round previously from having contractions so much )    put on magnesium for 48 hours, and leaked fluid the whole time. I was 33 weeks and 5 days when I had Chloe. 
     Chloe had a small blister on her hand and a small one on her gums, and she had the stomach blockage, later known as the pyloric atresia. The Dr's thought she had a staff infection at first until about 3 or 4 days after birth, they told us she had EB. They took a total of 3 skin biopsies for confirm EB and the Junctional. Then they took a fourth biopsy for research. 
     They did surgery to fix her stomach on January 17th. 2012. I only remember that date because that was my estimated due day!
     Chloe is healed right up from surgery,

     Me and Travis are very strong in our faith and we believe what ever happens during this journey is the Lords will. We know our baby will be okay. 

     Chloe only blisters on her arms and legs. So we are guessing that her EB is mild. Praise the Lord for that. 


  1. Yours is a beautiful story. You have a wonderful baby to enjoy and I hope and pray for her health

  2. I totally enjoyed reading your story of how you and Travis met, fell in love, married and had Chloe. God is so good. Chloe is in the hand's of God and whatever His will is will be done. Either this sweet, adorable, loveable little girl will be taken care of here on earth by her wonderful parents with the help of our Lord or she will be one of God's special angels. Whichever it will be, my prayers are always with Chloe, you, Travis and your entire family. Much love to you as I think you and Travis are amazing parents. God love you!