Monday, October 8, 2012

Chloe Shirts!

I am going to start selling Chloe Shirts again! I have had lots of people asking about them so I think now is a good time to start selling them again! 

Last time we sold 75 shirts! I want to sell at least 50 shirts but I would love to sell more than 75! therefore, I am going to take a PRE-ORDERS on Chloe's Shirts. This will NOT cost you anything until the official sale starts.
Send me an Email at with how many shirts you would like!
 The shirts will cost $23 for sizes SMALL--XLARGE  and about $25 for sizes 2XL-4XL
that include shipping.

For Local orders I will not charge you shipping if you ordered from me or a family member.

100% of the funds will go to an EB Charity. Our last sale went to benefit the P.U.C.K fund. I am not sure if I want to give this round of proceeds to the P.U.C.K fund again or if we will pick out a new EB Charity to benefit! I will tell you as soon as a decision is made!

I still have A LOT to do with the shirts, so prices and sizes, are subject to change.


More Info to come.


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