Friday, February 10, 2012

10CC's of pediatricians

     To was a good easy day for me, but tiring for Chloe. Travis got to come and see Chloe for a little while so that was really nice. We watched the shaken baby video today to get it out of the way for discharge, then Chloe had an eye exam again and she is looking good! ( get it, looking good... she had an eye exam, her eyes are looking... I don't think I need to explain *wink*) Chloe has a feeding tube now going from her nose to her belly. Her 2 months shots are making her really tired and kinda sick. So now that she can eat, she is getting Tylenol to help make her feel a little, and to bring down her fever some. She ate her morning feeds just a little but she stopped breathing and was just wore out so they got pushed through her feeding tube. At her 2pm feed we gave her a bottle and she ate 6 out 10cc and the rest we just pushed in the feeding tube and we pushed all of the 10 for her 5 o'clock feed while I held her and gave her, her passie. She really loves that passie! she goes to town on it! Chloe Is doing really good over all. She is going to get a hearing test done soon so that should be fun because it involves adhesive!
     Today one of Chloe's primary nurses recommended a couple pediatricians so I am going to give them all call this following a week and maybe even thinking about setting up and interview to talk to them... See what one will be more willing to want to learn and take care of an EB baby, and who we personally think will better suit our needs with Chloe. Such decisions to make. one Dr is in our town, and the other is slightly out of town. So we have that to be thinking about, as well as things we are going to need for Chloe's care when she gets home.... gotta re arrange our room for the bassinet, and find some fabric and hem it for it because she may be a  messy baby because all the vaseline and it getting everywhere as well has it being padding for anything hard she may have to lay on ( like her diaper changer) have to figure out a new routine, I am going to try and keep her on the same schedule for when she eats like she has now, she gets fed on the 8, 11, 2, 5 hours, so every 3 hours, so that will make things a little easier. and figure out a bandage change time for home, specially if she has a home health nurse, I may do it during the times the nurse is there so she can see Chloe with out the bandges on and be able to look over. So much to think about!!! the reality of her coming home is getting closer and closer. I cant believe it!!!!
     If any of my EB friends have any tips for home care, and general products being used, please tell me!!! I feel like there was something else I needed to ask my EB friends about.... but I cant remember!!!

Chloe and Daddy

Loving her passie

Where did my pass go

Sleepy baby

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