Monday, February 27, 2012


     Me and Travis have decided not to go to Cinci for a few reasons. This decision was NOT easy because we at first did not know what to do or think.
     We prayed that day before finding out about going to Cinci, and was prayed over, and I found so much comfort from praying, then finding out about Cinci, I did the only thing I knew to do, and that was to pray, and pray and pray, and pray some more. And after all the praying, we felt in our hearts it wasn't thing to do at this time. As far as later on down the line and going to Cinci comes back up, that is a whole new story and day.
      There are other reasons why we decided not to go, but in this situation I feel its something I do not to want share with everyone, just those people me and my husband chose to share information with. I'm sure every one can respect the privacy we choose. *smiles*
     I would like to extend a personal Thank you to my friend Mollie. Talking to you tonight has been so wonderful and someday, we will meet, and I cant wait to get to know you more.

     Today Chloe is doing well. shes down a little on her oxygen and off her antibiotics. She is still getting a lot out of her nose, she has to let this sickness run its course.



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