Thursday, February 9, 2012


     Well they took Chloe off the vent this morning around 10am... She wanted that thing out!!!! she was so fussy before it was taken out. They got her off the vent and she felt so much better... once she stopped crying! she also wore a sleeper for the first time today! that was amazing! she was so cute in her little elephant sleeper!
     We cuddled for a while and played a little before my mom-in-law and sis-in-law showed up. It was a good day for my sis-in-law Stephanie, She held Chloe for the first time! Besides me and Travis, my mom-in-law Sandy, and Stephanie are the only other that have held her so far. Travis is lucky if he even gets to hold  her right now! I just have this mommy feeling that all I want to do is hold that sweet baby!!!
     We have been in the NICU for 2 months, there are lots of people who have had their baby in the NICU for a week or two... and having a baby in the NICU is never fun... but when its been 2 months and counting... the experience is a whole lot different, specially when you have to stay at a charity house in order to see your baby everyday  because you live so far from the hospital! I am lucky that I usually get to go back home for a few hours on Thursday, but that is only for church! And when it comes to getting to see Travis.... I am lucky to see him on Sundays! that past few weeks, hes been driving up when he gets off work at 3am on Sunday morning, sleep in till around noonish.... spend the day with the baby and each other, and hes headed back home monday around 1pm or 2 too go back to work! Its not fun! Sometimes Travis thinks I have the easier side to all of this because he is the one working and away, and I suppose yes it is easier because I'm not working in a factory and away from my family like he is, but.... I do have really hard day I have to deal with. Sometimes I have to face her Dr's on my own with no one there helping ask questions and to help understand things. Take yesterday for example... Chloe had her procedure to have the broviac placed again... I think I was more of a wreck then, than I was when she had her stomach surgery because I had Travis and family around to help ease my mind off it all, and not worry.... I'm ready to go home... I'm tired... I miss my husband and family. I want to be home with my baby girl watching Sponge Bob. 2 months and counting is a long time in a NICU, but Chloe has proven to me, that I am a lot stronger than I ever thought I was. And if anyone reading this, and learning about EB, or anything rare, don't ever think that it wont happen to you, because rare diseases and events don't discriminate.
     I showed the nurse practitioners the wound care products that was sent to me, and they are going to learn more about the product and see how affordable it is ( so that way we don't fall in love with it and we can't get anymore as the NP said. I am so thankful full tho for being able to have the product sent to me and to learn so much more about it!
      Today was a really good day tho like I was trying to say... I was able to see our nephew Joshua, and he is just so sweet! I held my arms out to him to pick him up and he held his arms out to me, and I asked him for a hug, and he gave me a hug, and I asked him for sugar, and he gave me some sugars. It was so sweet! I miss all the little ones! I miss our other nephew and niece, and I really miss my 3 nieces. I haven't seen any of them since June 2011! same as with my parents and brother and sisters! I miss everyone!!!! Sandy, and Stephanie and Joshua and I, all went to Apple-bees and that was so wonderful to get out and do something, Then me and Sandy went to Gigi's cupcakes, and got a cupcake, then we went to a tanning salon and tanned for free! Its free tan week at Sun Tan City, so that was awesome, I haven't tanned in so long! I wasnt able to this past summer because of being pregnant, and I didn't feel good half the summer so I was always inside... Kinda... when it was nice and cool out me and Travis would sit out side and play rummy or scrabble! I truly miss that! I ate so many hot Cheetos!!! Oh yes and also we went to once upon a child and got some dresses for Chloe! Got some cute stuff, even a dress with butterflies all over it!
     Well I guess ill get right to the point, WE ARE FEEDING CHLOE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pray nothing goes wrong!!!!

     Well thats all for now! my eye lids are about to fall over my eyes! Have a wonderful day/night!

Chloe and her Aunt Stephanie 

Sleeping so Good!

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  1. Yay Chloe!! Such a beautiful, brave, strong little girl. Mom, your strength is both amazing and inspirational! I love reading these updates and the pictures are heavenly. I want you to know that prayers and love are being sent from Texas for Chloe and you. God Bless!