Sunday, February 5, 2012

You know you're a NICU/Preemie mom when...

1.) You pray for, and celebrate poopy diaper!

2.) The skin on your hands is peeling because you wash and sanitize so often.

3.)Acronyms are a part of your everday lingo. Example: (Dsats, A's and B's, CPAP, ROP, RDS, PDA, ect.)

4.) Hospital staff such as receptionist, cafeteria workers, including parking garage staff know you by name, your baby's name, and how long you have been there.

5.) Wearin

g clothes for the first time is a big accomplishment for your baby.

6.) The NICU nurses see you more often than your family does.

7.) You have a better chance of finding clothes to fit your baby at Build-A-Bear rather than a actually clothing store.

8.)You've aquired a taste for hospital food.

9.) You always change your baby by putting the new diaper under the old one before taking it off.

10.) Hearing the sound of your baby cry is beautiful, not annoying.

11.) You know what 'bilirubin" is.

12.) It makes you want to scream when someone complains about being pregnant when their pregnancy is completely normal.

13.) When you see a full term baby and think "Man, that baby is huge!"

14.) When you child turns blue and the nurses have to use oxygen to pink'en up you baby, and you dont even flinch

15.) when you know how to get things working again before the nurse

16.) when your child turns blue infront of a Dr and he lets you make her start breathing again

‎17.) When you know who the good nurses and bad nurses are

‎18.) When you can change a diaper and clothes through two tiny portholes

 ‎19.) When your husband can't remember what an incubator is called so he just calls it a cage.

20.) When your baby is out of their incubator and in a cot for the first time is a big accomplishment for you baby and you couldn't be more nervous for them

‎21.) When you get discharged after birth and can't bring your baby/ies with you

                         -Feel free to add... I'll add more as they come up!-

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