Tuesday, February 21, 2012


     Another day... Chloe keeps dropping her heart rate down between 70-90 and the then picks it right back up. I'm concerned about it because it just isn't like her to do that. They started her on iron through the broviac line, so hopefully that will help her out. They are not saying she is anemic, just needs the iron. Also they are giving her potassium in her TPN fluids because that is a little low also. Her sodium is still a little high, but its getting in order now, and everything else looks great for once!
     Her arms and legs are covered in bandages, aswell as around her. and her head because the back of her head isn't looking the best. It started bleeding a little bit during her dressing change even,
     Her left foot as been puffy/swollen looking, I'm guessing from all the extra fluid she has been getting. So I propped it up and that made it go down a little.
     The best part about today is, I was playing with her a little bit and I had her arms and was moving them around and talking to her and she started to smile!!!! I cant belive it but she is starting to smile!!!! I cant wait to make her smile more and too see her smile more and more. She is so precious and I just her so much! I can't belive she is at that age already to be smiling. I just want to make her smile more and more.


  1. Beautiful. Choke you are a angel!! I love you and mommy too!!!!!¡:>))>)>))

  2. I love you Megan, the smiles are for mama! I love you Chloe, keep fighting! And keep giving mommy love with smiles!! That's an awesome milestone! Can't wait to see you all soon! --sis

  3. She is so beautiful baby girl! God bless her! I pray for her :)

    - Krista from Finland