Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Eyes

     Today was such a good day. Much better than yesterday. Yesterday it seemed like she wasn't in a very good mood. She was so grump and just didn't want to do much of anything besides stare and make grumpy faces. I know she wasn't hurting because there was nothing that could have been hurting her, so she was just having a grump day and she was disliking the oxyhood. On the upside, she made me a valentine card!!!
     Now Today today, Chloe had a wonderful day. She was alert and awake and just relaxed looking around.. She wore a cute little long sleeve onesie and matching pants with a flower on the booty and even wore the hat! She just had a really good. Her eyes looked so big and curious. There were a few people talking in the nursery and her eyes got so big and curious, and a little scared. It was so adorable. Then her hands where folded, it looked like she was praying. I had a pillow on my lap and put her head on my arm and let her lay on the pillow, then she laid on her side on the pillow and slept, she was such a happy baby like that. You could just tell she was happy and relaxed. It was a quiet simple, calm day. I am so happy she finally was able to relax. and no blisters either today. She did throw up on me today... twice. I was holding her and both times it was caused because she was coughing really hard, and the first time it got all down the side of my skirt on my leg, and it was really gross because it happened while she had milk going in her feeding tube. The second time, I was ready for it and cupped my hand under her chin and I got all the throw up in my hand and it was a puddle in my hand, so the nurse suctioned what was left out of her mouth then suctioned the pool of throw up out of my hand. It was funny how it played out. It  made me feel like a mommy. :) I love simple days

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  1. Hi Megan: I love the pictures of your precious daughter. Chloe is looking wonderful. She is so, so cute. Will continue the prayers. Keep the Faith. Love and Peace Leah and Tabby's Nana