Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a day

     So I got to the hospital today around 10:30pm and expected her to have her broviac surgery all done, she was scheduled to have it at 7am. Well there was an emergency surgery in another nursery, so Chloe wasn't able to get back until around 2pm. a little before the other baby in the room was having an LP done so I wasn't able to be back there, so i sat outside the NICU until I was able to, well thank goodness I did because the anesthesiology walked right by and into the NICU, and I watched them  go into Chloe's room, so I jumped up and told the receptionist that I NEEDED back there because they were taking my baby to the OR, and the nurse practitioner saw me standing at the door and I got back there. Me and her went over a few things and let me know that she would be down in OR with Chloe to make sure there was no tape on her. Then an guy who was part of the surgery team, I think he said he was a nurse or something, well he went over the whole surgery with me and I made sure he knew of her EB and he let me know that I could walk down to the OR with them. So I was able to see her for a couple minutes before we walked down to the OR. I am so happy that I was able to do that, I was able to give her a kiss and tell her I love her and say a quick prayer before she went back. 
     Someone from the OR called me about 20minutes after she was down in the OR to let me know that they were about to begin the procedure, so thankful they did that. about an hour later between shift change, I saw them pushing Chloe past the waiting room -and heard another family saying "oh did you see that cute little baby" and I saw her surgery Dr so I hurried and gathered my things up and another nurse practitioner came and got me and put me in a waiting room to be able to talk to the Dr.
     Well I talked with the Dr and he told me all the generic and wonderful things to hear of how well the procedure went. I asked him if broviac's come out very often... and he hesitated and basically said that it has happened.... but its normally in really little preemie babies. Basically tell me "no this doesn't happen very often" and told me that it could have just been one fluke, maybe cause all the vaseline, or maybe because the EB, really don't know why it happened. 
     But all was successful and went very well and that's all that matters. We say we shouldn't be surprised that it happened because shes manages to get everything else they stick into her out -haha- 
     They put her on the vent of course during the procedure, and they are going to try and have it out by tonight or tomorrow morning. So far as I know nothing has grew from her blood test for infection. but her temp is down and good since yesterday. From what it sounds like.... if they can get this vent out tonight or tomorrow, sometime by the end of this week we will try and feed her. I'm so looking forward to that!!!!  
     Chloe is so strong... She amazes me every day! It seems like there is always something she handles so well for being so small or she does something new.... or she does something that makes my heart melt, Like tonight before I left I told her I loved her and gave her kisses and gave a little kiss on the lips, and told her I loved her again... and she smiled! People say babies cant smile yet... but She smiled at me, it was just amazing! I love her so much!!! I cant wait till shes feeling better and we get to have tummy time with her. Last time she had tummy time, she lifted her head and turned it straight forward before she got tired and plopped her head down. And she is so interested in things now! she loved things that move and make noise or plays music. I cant wait to hold her!!! I love my baby girl!!!!
     Also today, another nail came off thank goodness, it was looking really bad and I think she had a blister under it and that caused the blister on her finger to refill and look as bad as it did. When the nail came off it was moist and it opened up a whole side of the blister so I made sure there wasn't any more fluid.  
     But that was pretty much all for today that I can remember!

OH before I forget, GO UK BASKETBALL!!! beat Florida by 20!
                                                                   Before Surgery 

                                                                   After Surgery

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