Monday, February 13, 2012

2 days

     I didn't update yesterday like I planned because I was just so tired, so here is what happened yesterday:
Chloe had a fever of 103! very crazy, they did some labs and drew blood for cutlers, and did a LP, her white blood cell count is elevated, so far all the test are negative for infection, some stuff in her blood is a little off so they are watching her, and her labs for that, so she had a busy day between blood being drawn and getting an IV put in her foot
     Today the renal Dr came in and just checked her out a little, and said her sodium is high so they may adjust her TPN. Her fever is gone so far and she didn't have any Tylenol either.
     Chloe skin is okay right now... I think its almost the worst its been ( besides after surgery). Her hair on the back of her head is pretty much gone and from where they had that oxygen hood on her and she was on her belly, and she was rubbing, it caused 2 blisters. one I didn't get to see, just saw where it popped its self, and the other I saw last night and this morning it popped its self also. Her tongue got a blister from where she didnt get her passie and she was trying to eat the oxygen hood, and then now she has a little blood blister on her tongue from where it popped. She had a blister on her hand from her hand rubbing on the oxyhood, and one on a knuckle from the oxyhood. She had a blister the size of the broviac dressing from the duoderm. they blister was big, but there wasn't a lot of fluid so I had to push the fluid all to one side just to get the fluid out. I really don't like the oxyhood. They also put cotton balls in her diaper to catch her peepee for testing to make sure her kidneys are okay. I just feel like she has had so much testing done to her, and labs done, and cutlers to grow and everything else. She just needs a day of peace, and not being bothered unless its from her Momma.
     She has special kind of nipple for her bottle and I am going to try and work with her tomorrow with it. I am considering staying at the hospital all night and day some time soon, so I can try and work with her and the bottle. She needs a chance to get it down. She is up to 25ml today and tomorrow will be an ounce, and she only gets five down before they decide to push her food. I think she can do it, she just need frequent breaks,

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  1. Chloe is just soooo cute!!! I hope that fever gets back to normal. Praying for you.
    Hugs from Spain