Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good News

What an amazing past couple days!!! Sorry I'm posting so late, its just that  I've been really tired and when I go to make a post, I fall sleep. So ill start with Friday
I called the hospital in the afternoon, I was at home during the bulk of the day. When I called, the nurse told me that Chloe was doing really good, and that during the morning while the Dr's were doing rounds, Chloe decided to pull out the replogle tube. The Dr's then decided to leave the tube out and see how she does. Later that morning they took an x-ray so see if she had an air gas pattern, and sure enough she did!!! The tube was sucking out everything in her stomach, including the air they needed see!  Chloe looks amazing without having a tube sticking out of her mouth. She looks like such a big girl!
Me and the nurse worked with Chloe on some developmental things. We placed her on her stomach and she almost lifted her head and turned it to the other side! Also I've been sitting her on her butt like a big big girl, and talking to her and playing with her, and she loves it! she just looks around and stares at you. Its just amazing how good shes doing!!!
     Alright alright... now for the really really really good news.....
                 GOING TO FEED CHLOE ON MONDAY/TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Talking to the same nurse again, and they will probably give her a bottle for her first time feed to see how she does! I am so excited! I  told them that I want to be the first person to give her a bottle and no one else. And today when Chloe was on her belly, she lifted her head completely up and got half way to turning her to the other side before she got tired. 

     I just cant believe how well she is doing. God has really moved for her and given her a miracle. We have so far since she was first born. 
     We had all the normal complication of a premature baby, apnea, EB, pyloric blockage, growth restrictions from not being able to eat, the Dr's and nurses saying they might not do her surgery, then it was they will do her surgery, but it depends on her biopsy reports, then they said are doing her surgery when shes 2000 grams, and finally they said on the 19th they are doing her surgery then the called and moved her surgery up two days on the 17th of January, ironically her due date, and now we are here! 
     Oh Chloe loves her passie now! when she gets mad, that is what she wants, her momma to hold her, and her passie. 

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  1. God sure works Miracles doesn't he! What an amazing few days! Hope everything goes well with her first bottle feeding! I bet it will.
    Love and super hugs!
    Cyber Aunt Cookie!